This program is unique to SEA. Developed by coach Ali to teach the basics of Cheerleading to both boys/girls aged 2-5 years old in a fun & safe way. Each lesson will focus on improving gross/fine motor skills, general coordination, creativity & imagination. All while learning important life skills such as following instructions, listening & sharing ready for school in fun inclusive themed lesson!

This FUN class allows the athletes to develop the basic components of cheerleading while progressing through a unique reward orientated program. This class is open to ages 6 to 12 years with no experience necessary. The athletes in this class will get the chance to perform at our end of season SPIRIT SHOWCASE.


STRIKERS (4-6yrs):

This class is a fun & affordable introduction into competitive cheerleading. The athletes learn all the components in a fun routine to compete at local competitions. In our weekly class we focus strongly on positive training & rewards as well as teamwork with clean safe progressions.

SENSATION  (7-12yrs):

Cheerleaders who train in this team will be supported to improve all their skills. Strength & flexibility will also be incorporated into these sessions to allow each group to progress onto harder & more dynamic skills. These skills will then be turned into a routine for local competitions. This is a great class to further develop main aspects of cheerleading.

SYNERGY (13yrs+):
Open Cheersport
Cheerleaders who are in this squad will train once a week & also attend a weekly tumbling class of the coaches choosing. No previous experience is needed to join this squad. While tumbling is not essential for this team, athletes are welcome to also attend a tumbling class to progress their skills. Cheerleaders will work on improving their flexibility, strength as well as learn dance, jumps & stunting skills all combined to make a dynamic routine.

STEALTH (13yrs+):
Open Allstar Elite
Athletes who try-out for this elite level squad must posses a high skill level in stunting, jumps & performance. Those selected for this team must show a committed and positive attitude to their coaches, teammates and training. This team will be competing at a national level.